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Helping you control your energy and optimmizing its expenditure

Benefits of IoTtec Services


Instant visibility on Savings

 Leads to energy and water consumption savings and identifies areas of savings quickly. 


Cost effective and Safe as it runs in the cloud

No capital outlay and long procurement cycles of costly hardware and software licenses as well as lengthy installation costs with yearly upgrades, data back up and additional security measures. A secure well backed up infrastructure and deployed up to date application is provided with the service.  


ROI and Immediate results

Implemented quickly thus allowing the user to monitor and address immediately and not loose further time.  

Our Managed Services

Managed Services - Energy Management & Metering

  The cost of energy continues to rise with a continuously increasing demand as the number of people inhabiting our planet increases with time. Buildings and properties consume 40% of the produced energy with up to 30% of it being wasted.  There is a pressing need to understand energy consumption, measure and meter it and then use modern analytics to predict both the consumption and the failure of building assets.  We allow customers to view their energy consumption, predict it and using algorithm and analytics take the necessary measure s and actions to control it all from the Integrated Operating center or IOC which is a single “pane of glass” that shows a user all the elements and KPIs that matter.  

Managed Services - Water Management

Water consumption is an area of great concern for both end consumers as well as property owners and managers 

IoTtec’s Water Management service provides a solution to automatically monitor and  report water usage in a property whether small or large as well as advise on appropriate conservation measures. We also incorporate data from various sensors -flood , levels- and SCADA systems as well as water tank and reservoir levels and readings from pumps. The data is analyzed and compared to an owner/property manager defined set of KPI. This results in a series of recommended actions and control measures that will reduce water consumption increasing sustainability.  

Managed Services - Industrial IoT & Management

  IoTtec’s Industrial IoT Solution provides new technologies ensuring the remote management and control of activities of industrial plants providing functionalities for gathering, integrating, storing and analyzing data from sensors located in and around assets -from electric motors to Robots passing by turbines or lathes etc..- and that are present in an Industrial plant or factory. These technologies drastically improve the efficiency of business and organizations and help regenerate the natural environment through better asset management.   

Our Optimisation Process


Energy Baselining

Our primary  focus is helping property owners and managers understand their consumption of Electricity (KWH), Water Chilled water (BTU), Water (IG) and Electricity (kWh) at the Building level for residential, commercial and industrial properties by metering and measuring consumptions. We accompany this service with advice and consultancy .This is delivered by our Smart  Energy Metering Solution for Buildings , Industry and Data Centers   


Optimization for savings

Once they understand that consumption and baselines are established we apply modern Analytics and Big Data Techniques to help property managers predict deviations from those base lines and act accordingly maintaining the equipment on time and applying Energy Conservation measures to ensure optimum operations an anticipating events. This delivered by our Energy Optimization & Analytics Solution for Buildings , Industry and Data Centers   


Integrated Operations Center

The inhouse IOC (integrated operations center) is an advanced tool to perform predictions and anlysis of the our customers energy and precribe on-time measures to cut wastage and losses. Our Data scientist and engineers constantly monitor energy usage across our customer portfolio and provide proactive support to achieve savings.

Our Platform

Historical Analysis

In some cases the information is hidden in the evolution of the data. Some trends are found analyzing how the data evolve in large periods of time. For this purpose IoTsens provides powerful historical analysis by means of different kind of graphics where the data can be grouped, summarized and compared.

Map of Sensors

IoTsens provides a fast access to the information of the different kinds of sensors installed using interactive maps. The sensors and other system devices are shown in the map as pins with a different icon and colour according to their category. Sensors can be filtered by category to support focusing on a specific aspect of the system. Depending on the zoom level, pins are clustered into groups to avoid flooding the map with too much data.

Alarms and Notifications

The IoTsens platform provides the mechanism to define custom alarms which can be generated by the devices (sensors or communication nodes) or automatically derived when analyzing the received data. Once the alarm is generated, custom notifications can be sent to the person or persons in charge of reacting when the exceptional situation happens.

Heat Maps

IoTsens heat maps provide a powerful visualization tool to analyze geographical data provided by the sensors. For instance, it can show neighborhoods with more water leaks, parking barely used in the last weeks, etc.

Multi - Tenancy & User control

Smart City platforms store in some cases sensitive data and provide very powerful functionality. IoTsens implements a profiles-based user control mechanism in order to define and restrict the access to the platform features.

Responsive User Interface

For a better use of the platform data in-the-field, it has to be accessed by mobile devices and tablets. IoTsens provides out-of-the-box a responsive user interface that provides complete access to the platform functionality.

About Us

IoTtech® ‘s founders combine more than 75 years of Energy Management, Building Management Systems and ICT experience in delivering managed services and cloud based solutions. Our knowledge of the market and our experience in deploying solutions will be leveraged to our customer’s advantage. Our mission and mantra are to deliver business value to our customers allowing a progressive adoption of the technology with well known and tried usage cases helping them manage their energy efficiently.  

Our platform is powered by IOTSENS, Spain; a world leading IoT solutions provider

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